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Why CDS?

Here at Creativity Dance Studios (CDS), we pride ourselves on having a welcoming,

friendly, and inclusive environment where students can come together to explore and

learn a variety of different dance styles, whilst being expressive and being


At CDS, it is all about the students. We provide a fun and stress-free space with no

pressure and no expectation. We want the dancers to feel that it is their happy place, where

they know they will feel welcome and connect with others.

CDS is a inclusive and supportive community, where we welcome everyone from the LGBTQIA community. Our classes are a mix of all genders at all ages. Our classes are remain small, offering a range of different dance styles from jazz, creative ballet, contemporary to rhythm and groove and strength and stretch. We think is important to cap class sizes to ensure the teachers are able to adapt to each dancer in each class.

Our highly trained and experienced teachers enjoy extending their love of dance to

the dancers, watching them learn and encouraging them to explore and develop their

creativity whilst, at the same time, teaching them safe techniques.

The students are not required to wear a uniform. Instead, they get to wear whatever

they feel comfortable in. There are no exams or competitions; it is just all about having FUN!

The students will learn how to collaborate with others, listening skills, and to see that it is okay to make a mistake, and that they do not have to be able to do everything right the first time.

We do not have any mirrors in the dance studio, and some may wonder why?

Put simply, some dancers are not comfortable with their reflection, and we think that

it is important to be in the moment, have fun, focus on what you and your body is

doing, instead of looking in the mirror at yourself and others.

At the end of each year, we have a CDS showcase. This is an opportunity for all the

students to show their family and friends what they have learned throughout the

year. Once again, there is no expectation; we encourage all students to go out on stage,

have fun and enjoy the moment.

Whether your child is new to dancing or has danced before and would like to try a different approach, get in touch with us via our contact form on the website.

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