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8-10 Year Old Dance Classes

Kids Dance Studio

8-10 Year Old Creative Ballet Classes

Our 8-10 year old ballet classes introduce new ballet steps to challenge and extend the capabilities of our 8-10 year old dancers in a creative way. We do not do yearly examinations through a set syllabus we take the best from all ballet syllabuses, which our teachers are highly trained in, and teach this through creative exercises and dances. Making learning port de bras, grand jetes and pirouettes a lot more fun!

Creativity is a big part of what we do here at CDS. We teach the dancers how to explore creative improvisation through games and exercises which allow the dancers a chance to create themselves, rather than just follow the teacher. This results in the dancers being able to create their own pieces and work with others in the class, to come together with individual ideas to create a choreography.  


8-10 Year Old Jazz Classes

Our 8-10 year old Jazz class is an extension to our beginner 5-7 year old Jazz class but with a few more challenges for the 8-10 year olds. Rhythm, jazz technique combinations and different jazz styles start to be introduced. Creative dances are also developed with the help of the children’s imagination and props. This class can be taken combined with a different class style beforehand. We run ages 8-10 year old back-to-back making this possible. Dancers are welcome to wear whatever they are comfortable in to all of our classes.


8-10 Year Old Contemporary Dance Classes

Our 8-10 year old contemporary dance class is a great way for young children to explore the world of dance and movement. Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike the strict, structured nature of ballet. Contemporary dancers spend a lot of time working with the floor using gravity through movement. This dance genre is often done in bare feet. Contemporary dance can be performed to many different styles of music. We try to expose the children to a wide range of music and explore the different styles the music encourages. 

The classes focuses on extending previous contemporary knowledge, however dancers with no experience are also welcome. As we keep the classes to a small size, this makes this possible. Contemporary dance combines elements of several different dance genre including modern, jazz, and ballet. They will also learn how to use their bodies to express different emotions and ideas through movement.


8-10 Year Old Hip Hop Classes

Our 8-10 year old Hip Hop class is an extension to our beginner 5-7 year old Hip Hop class but with a few more challenges for the 8-10 year olds. Hip hop is a style of street dance that borrows elements from a number of different genres like African dance, tap, and ballet. It is upbeat and energetic, full of beats and rhythm and groove. During the class, children will learn basic hip hop movements such as popping, locking, and breaking to new age music as well as learn dances in this style. 


Our Location

55 Lucknow Street, Travancore, 3032

Our dance studio is within 4km of 
Ascot Vale 
Moonee Ponds
Brunswick West
North Melbourne
Princes Hill
West Melbourne
Brunswick East

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