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FAQ about our dance classes for kids

What age can my dancer start dance classes?
We offer classes from the age of 3 years old. Pre school classes run in the morning at 9.30am on Wednesday and Friday. This class is for 3-4 year olds.

How do I find the right dance class for my dancer?
We offer a free trial class for all ages so your dancer can come along a try a class so it finds the one it loves.

My dancer doesn't have any experience, is there a class suitable?
Yes we take beginners at all ages, no experience required. We have the classes set up in a way that we can cater for this due to small class sizes and the methods we use for teaching. Small class sizes enable the teacher to understand the different ways the dancers learn, meaning that everyone can get the most out of each class and have lots of fun.

My dancer has not danced for a few years but is looking to get back into it, what class would suit?

We offer different styles across all age groups depending on what type of dancing the dancer is interested in. Contemporary is our mist popular style at the moment across all ages due to its free and expressive nature. We offer a free trial class so they can come and try to find the class that fits them best.

Is there free on site parking?
We have free on street parking available. It is a safe and quiet street just off the main road, Mt Alexander road.

Are parents allowed to watch the dance classes?
Yes they are. We have an open door policy and is up to the dancers and their parents to decide what they are comfortable with. Some parents drop off and leave the dancers while others stay to watch, others pop in occasionally. 

Do you cater for dancers with learning difficulties?
Yes we do at all ages. We have small class sizes and teachers who are well experienced across a wide range of learning abilities. If you would like to reach out to the teacher at any stage and discuss your dancers journey we are always available. All our our kids dance classes are inclusive and supportive.

Can the studio be accessed by public transport?
Yes the tram stop is 1 minute walk away off Mt Alexander road. Tram 59 tram stop 26.

What should be worn to the kids dance classes?
We encourage our dancers to wear whatever they are comfortable in. We believe each dancer is unique and has individual style so we welcome them to express this and bring 100% of themselves to the studio. Some dancers chose to wear dance clothes, others track pants or shorts, or anything else they feel comfortable in.
Do I need to have dancing shoes?
No this is not a requirement. Some dancers choose to wear dance shoes, others sneakers and others barefoot.

Do you do have an end of year show?
Yes we do have an end of year show case. This is an opportunity for the community to see what the dancers have learnt during the year and what they have created. It is a very relaxed and fun day for the dancer, no extra costumes or make up or fuss. They present their dances on stage with a some props and occasionally garments all supplied by the studio at no extra cost. The aim of the day is about sharing the joy that dance brings them without any pressure or performance stress.

Will I be required to buy or make costumes?
No, the studio does supply free of charge some garments and props which are incorporated into the dances. We keep the focus on what the dancers have learnt and created rather than the unnecessary fuss of show biz.

Do you have a uniform?

No. We encourage our dancers to wear whatever they are comfortable in. We believe each dancer is unique and has individual style and we welcome them to express this and bring 100% of themselves to the studio. We do have studio t-shirts and hoodies available for sale, but are worn by choice and are not compulsory.

Can I come for a trial class?
Yes dancers are welcome to come along to a trial class at any stage during the term or the year. To do so simply contact us through the contact us form. 

How long are your classes for kids?
45 minutes for all classes and ages except strength and stretch which runs for 30 minutes.

How do I enrol in a dance class?

After finding the right class enrolment forms will be emailed out to capture all the important information about your dancer.

Can I start dance classes mid year?
Yes, we welcome dancers to start anytime. 

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