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3-4 Year Old preschool Dance Classes

Kids Dance Studio

3-4 Year Old preschool Creative Ballet Classes

Our 3-4 year old preschool ballet classes introduce our smallest dancers to the joy of dance. This age is focused on learning movements, rhythm, coordination, social skills, while most importantly having fun!  We teach basic skills like skipping, hopping and leaping, as well as creating dances together, often using props. We encourage the dancers own creative thoughts and imagination while fostering joy through dance.   

We keep the 3-4 year olds class sizes smaller than the rest of the studio. We have small classes at all ages, a cap of twelve dancers for older age groups but for this age, we keep the classes around six dancers. This allows the teachers to be able to understand the learning style of each dancer, and adapt the class to ensure everyone is getting the most from the class, while having the best time!  


3-4 Year Old preschool Jazz Classes

Jazz for 3-4 year old preschool is incorporated into the creative ballet class. We teach jazz movements to songs that the dancers are enjoying, whether that be songs from a recent movie, or something they are currently watching. The dancers at CDS get to help pick the music they dance to, which allows them another creative outlet to ensure they are having the most fun.


3-4 Year Old preschool Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary movements are incorporated into the creative ballet dance class for 3-4 year olds. We introduce it here early so the dancers can learn the basics, to see if it is a style of dance that they might want to explore when they are older. Dancers can join contemporary as a genre at CDS as early as 5 years old. 

Contemporary movements are more free in their approach compared to more traditional dance styles like ballet. They are based around push pull actions often using the floor and gravity. This dance style is often danced with bare feet and gives more freedom and expression to the dancers. 


3-4 Year Old preschool Hip Hop Classes

For our 3-4 year old classes we do not explore hip hop as a stand alone style. We do incorporate some hip hop moves into the creative ballet class, in the way of fun dance games to upbeat music. As they get older this is a dance style that they can chose if they would like to explore it further. 


Our Location

55 Lucknow Street, Travancore, 3032

Our dance studio is within 4km of 
Ascot Vale 
Moonee Ponds
Brunswick West
North Melbourne
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West Melbourne
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