The creative ballet classes involve fun and innovative ways of learning ballet dance and technique through new and creative methods. The students get the chance to learn ballet technique as well as how to improvise and create their own movements and responses to all sorts of music. They get the opportunity to develop their own creativity and style through dance. It is a fun and exciting approach to ballet which is loved by all from ages or 3-17 years old.

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The jazz classes are a fun and high energy class where the students get to learn and explore different styles of jazz from around the world. This is an upbeat class using a variety of music. Enjoy stress free jazz class while still learning  sound and safe technique.



This class is upbeat and energetic. It is a mix of hip hop, funk and jazz in style. Lots of new moves you can learn along with your favourite music while having fun with your friends. A great class for those who want to try more than one genre and keep up with the latest moves.


Contemporary dance classes involve exploration of different contemporary styles and methods in a fun and interactive class. Creativity is fostered and encouraged at all levels and abilities. The students are supported with their ideas and creations and taught the safe technique to support them to explore their creative ideas. We have classes available for 5-17 years old.

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