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Where can I go to get dance gear?

You may have just joined up to a class with CDS and are wanting to buy your first pair of

dance shoes and perhaps even a leotard, shorts and top. Or, you may already be a student with CDS and have outgrown your dance gear and need to get some more.

So, where do you go to get ballet, jazz or contemporary shoes and all things dance locally?

Bloch is an iconic Australian brand established in 1932 and has recently opened a store

close to CDS at Moonee Ponds. Here you will find a big range of ballet shoes in leather or

canvas and three types of jazz shoes in two colours. If you prefer contemporary dance

footwear, you can choose from a range of foot wraps which protects the toe and the ball of

the foot whilst enabling you to get a ‘feel the floor’ action.

They have leotards, shorts, tops, tights, leggings and socks for girls and boys as well as hair accessories such as ribbons, clips, bows and bun donuts and lots, lots more.

This is another great dance shop where you will find a big collection of all the items you may

need for dancing. You might like a soft colour leotard, shorts/leggings and top or perhaps choose something bright. Whatever you like, this store has it all.

Both the Bloch and Energetiks stores also have dance bags so you can keep all of your gear in the one place for when you come to class.

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