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Sydney Dance Company

If you love contemporary dance, you will absolutely enjoy watching performances by the

Founded in 1969 by dancer Suzanne Musitz, Sydney Dance Company first began as a dance-in- education-group called Ballet in a Nutshell, later changing its name to Athletes and Dancers and Dance Company (NSW).

In 1979 Australian Choreographer and then Director Graeme Murphy, changed the name to

Sydney Dance Company and led it for the next 30 years. The Sydney Dance Company (SDC) has been thrilling audiences for more than more than 50 years performing on stages in Australia and around the world and was the first western contemporary dance company to perform in the People’s Republic of China.

Since 2009, SDC has been led by Spanish-born Artistic Director, Rafael Bonachela, and has

been touring Internationally including performances in Venice, Germany, Beijing, London,

and New York. The Company’s dance studios are located at the wharf in Sydney’s Walsh Bay, only minutes from the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House and offer the largest public dance classes in Australia as well as a national wide education programme working with primary and secondary students.

This year SDC’s superb assemble has taken to the stage on a National tour across Australia

with its latest production, a thrilling triple bill ‘Ascent’, featuring the work of three leading

choreographers in the world of contemporary dance, including Rafael Bonachela.

It has been getting great reviews so if you want to experience one of the world’s strongest

forces in contemporary dance, SDC will be performing in Melbourne at the ACM Playhouse,

August 29th to September 2nd .

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