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Flashdance - What a feeling

Flashdance, a 1983 American dance film, is an inspirational story proving that anything can

be achieved if you put your mind to it.

Set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the movie centers around 18 year old Alex Owens, who

lives in a converted warehouse with her dog, Grunt, working as a welder at a steel mill

during the day and dancing as a cabaret performer at a local bar and grill at night. When

Alex dances, something clicks inside and she becomes someone else, focusing on how it

connects her to the music and not caring about what people watching might think.

A self-taught dancer, when Alex is not working, she reads books on ballet and watches ballet dancers on tv, attempting to copy their moves. Her dream is to become a professional ballerina and to be accepted into the Pittsburgh Conservatory of Dance and Repertory. Alex is encouraged to pursue her dream by her mentor and retired professional dancer,

Hanna Long, and decides to apply to the Dance School.However, when she turns up to the audition, Alex is intimidated by seeing several girls waiting to apply and then to find out that she must list all of her previous years of dance training. So she leaves without applying.

After having a conversation with her boss, Nick, Alex decides to return to the dance school

for an application but she is reminded that auditions are by invitation only. Nick asks a favour from a friend at the Arts Council and shortly after, Alex receives a letter from the Repertory with an invitation to audition.

At her audition, Alex dances to ‘Flashdance, what a feeling’. At first she is very nervous and

stops and starts again. Then she becomes the music and the rhythm and dances as if her

life depends on it.


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