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Updated: May 10

The highly acclaimed smash hit musical, Hamilton, first premiered on stage in 2015 and

surprisingly, this was not on Broadway.

Based on the 2004 biography, ‘Alexander Hamilton’ written by Ron Chernow, the musical

showcases the life of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton and his involvement in

the American Revolution.

Composed over seven years, the production’s opening show was at a public theatre in

Manhattan, starring the story’s writer, Lin-Manuel Miranda as Alexander Hamilton.

Six months later after playing to sold out audiences and winning eight awards, including

‘Outstanding Musical,’ it transferred to a theatre on Broadway.

At the Tony Awards in 2016, Hamilton received a record breaking 16 nominations and won

Best Musical that year. In the same year, it received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

The life of Alexander Hamilton is portrayed through music, lyrics, and choreography, using

hip hop, pop, R&B and soul as well as traditional-style show tunes.

Born into poverty, he experiences a hard childhood, but with his ambition, brilliant mind and

driven nature, Alexander Hamilton leaves home in 1774 to study at a College in New York.

He goes on to become an officer in General George Washington’s army, during which he

helps plan the Battle of Yorktown, where America win and take down the British in the War of

Independence. Shortly after, Alexander is selected as Secretary of the Treasury. During this

time, he meets, falls in love with and marries Eliza Schuyler. After Geoge Washington retires and John Adams becomes President, Alexander is fired and in response he writes and publishes a critical article on the new President.

His life comes to an end way too early after he is challenged to a duel and is shot, leaving

behind a legacy that helped shape the course of a nation.

The musical opened in the West End in December 2017 and won seven Olivier Awards in

2018, including Best New Musical.

When it appeared on Disney+ in 2020, three million people watched it, and it has been seen

live by eight million people across the world.

Hamilton is coming back to Australia this year, with performances starting in July at the Lyric Theatre.

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